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all of the donations will go to the palliative care team: KinderPalliativTeam Südhessen in Frankfurt 


What is the exact purpose of the project?

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To empower families in palliative care.

Palliative care means that babies, children and young people who will die in foreseeable time receive medical care at home with their families to make their last days as beautiful and pain-free as possible.This requires a highly specialised team of doctors and nurses. It is not just about medical and nursing care. It is also about psychosocial and psychological support. The round-the-clock availability of the paediatric palliative care team allows flexibility and a degree of normality that would be unimaginable in a hospital or hospice.


What is the goal and who are the beneficiaries?

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Beneficiaries are children in palliative care and their parents and siblings in the south Hesse region in Germany. Donations are used to support those services of the paediatric palliative care team, which are not covered by health insurance. The aim is to provide holistic care and support for those affected.

The project raises awareness not only of the plight of the families, but also of the precarious situation of palliative care in Germany, which relies in part on donations to provide basic care, counselling and therapies. My aim with this project is to raise awareness so that one day health insurance companies will cover these services.


Why are donations needed for?

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Health insurance companies cover medical and nursing care for children, but not additional services that are necessary for holistic care, such as social law issues and psychological support for the family. Prenatal care for palliative children, before they are born, is not covered by the german health insurance, the paediatric palliative care team provides medical and psychological assistance.

Supportive services like animal-assisted therapy and further education for the team members are also not covered by health insurance. Health insurance only pays for palliative care after the child is born, whereas psychosocial services provided by the paediatric palliative care team rely on donations.

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